Giving Lives The All Clear®

Providing the most advanced solutions for scanning and calibrating automobile sensors after an accident. We give peace of mind to shops, insurance agencies, dealerships, and customers, so they can rest assured they’re getting a holistic repair done right the first time.
Giving Lives the All Clear® guides us in getting drivers safely back on the road. Our teammates focus on taking care of our customer and communities, and we believe in taking great care of our teammates.

Get More From Your Career


We provide our teammates with a safe, positive work environment, competitive pay, industry-leading benefits, skills training & certifications and in-person and online leadership development.


Our highly skilled teammates are respected for their talents across all disciplines. Our goal is to create a workplace where everyone is valued, continually trained and recognized for their contributions to the team. We truly believe that when we invest in our people, all boats rise.


As vehicles become more sophisticated and technologically advanced, Protech is committed to driver safety. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced training, Protech has the tools and teammates to scan and diagnose vehicles no matter which automotive service is needed, including collision, glass, and mechanical repair.


We understand that Protech is only as good as our technicians. Our training program is intense because the nature of our business and our commitment to driver safety demands it.

Teammate Spotlight

When I started at Protech over three years ago, I never appreciated the value of having a purpose to put behind my passion. I have always been good at following directions but working here has helped me understand “the why”. Being able to play a part in restoring an individual or a family following a dramatic event of a car accident has given me purpose of something bigger than myself. As a person who started at the very bottom of the company and transitioned to teaching technicians; I have always felt it wasn’t until I joined the Caliber family that I truly started my career and growth as a professional. I love my job, my teammates, and this company, best decision of my life up to this point.

Charles, Field Trainer,
​​​​​​​Protech Automotive Solutions

Protech is a progressive, innovative and fast growing company. We will continue to play a big part in shaping the automotive industry. I believe we have to have fun every day we are at work and when we do, our teammates are happy. This allows for collaboration of the team which drives us to work together to achieve our success.

Brandy, General Manager,
Protech Automotive Solutions

I enjoy helping the other techs and shops resolve opportunities. My entire career has revolved around problem solving, and when I'm able to assist someone or help them find a solution, I feel like I'm making a difference in someone's life, even if it is just for that day.

Byron, Mobile Diagnostic Technician,
Protech Automotive Solutions

Ready For A Career With Purpose?

This is the future of automotive repair. Our technicians are on the front lines of the autonomous vehicle revolution, working on the computers inside all modern vehicles. Right now, we’re hiring at all levels: no experience necessary. We don’t need you to know it all. We need you to know you’re ready. A few of the roles we’re hiring for today include:

Diagnostic Technician Apprentice:

Become a Protech Apprentice and learn from experienced technicians as you gain the skills and confidence to perform diagnostic and mechanical repairs. With mentorship and training, you'll become an expert automotive mobile technician, capable of working on a wide range of vehicles. This position will be trained in OEM specifications and repair standards for top-quality vehicle repairs. Join us and start your journey today with a successful career in the automotive industry.

Protech Mobile Diagnostic Technician:

Protech Mobile Diagnostic Technicians will complete mid-level to advanced repairs for both domestic and foreign vehicles. This type of technician will handle comprehensive bumper to bumper automotive repairs such as addressing complex wiring and module problems and providing advanced diagnostic scanning for all vehicle makes and models. Embark on your path with us to a thriving career in the automotive technology industry.

Protech Calibration Technician Apprentice:

Become a Protech Calibration Technician Apprentice and receive mentorship and training to learn how to problem solve repairs involving diagnostic scanning and calibrations of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). Follow OEM specifications and repair standards to gain confidence in calibrating systems across various manufacturers. Protech offers a seven-month course with a strong virtual support team, and ongoing education in new vehicle technology. Join us and start your journey today towards a successful career in the automotive technology industry.

Protech ADAS Calibration Technician:

Become a Protech Calibration Technician and excel in the automotive industry! This type of on-site technician is trained to perform Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibrations to the highest standards. With continuous education in cutting-edge vehicle technology and the support of our virtual team, you'll have all the tools you need for a successful career. Join us today and start your journey towards a thriving future.

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