Become A TAP Mentor.

A More Rewarding Future Awaits

Becoming an auto body technician at Caliber is a fulfilling career path with a lot of potential. You can earn a great living and get to see the finished product of your work as you restore a customer's vehicle.  What’s more, you can become a mentor later in your career – passing on your knowledge and experience to a new generation of technicians.

The Benefits Of Becoming A TAP Mentor

Financial Reward

10% more take-home pay (*on average by month 3 of apprenticeship)

$10K cash bonus (paid when Apprentice becomes standalone Flag technician)

Career Advancement

Becoming a mentor shows your dedication and puts you on the fast track for career advancement – all while further honing your leadership and communication skills that will serve you well in the future.

​​​​​​​Many members of our leadership team started out working in centers and followed our roadmaps to move up to leadership positions.

Personal Satisfaction

You’ll build strong bonds and relationships that can last a lifetime.

​​​​​​​As a teacher, guide, and role model, you’ll create a personal legacy by setting people up to succeed in an essential trade.
TAP Mentor (Standard)
Flag Hour position overseeing 1-2 apprentices
TAP Mentor (Hub)
Consistent, stable income overseeing 5 apprentices

“Being able to teach is the most exciting part for me. Being able to share the knowledge you learned throughout the years and showing someone else the same knowledge and watch them succeed, that’s what makes it a dream come true for me.”

Michael, TAP Mentor

“Caliber put a program together that gives an opportunity for a teammate who wants to get into this trade, and it is a life changer. It gives them the opportunity to go from a comfortable living to a great living.”

John, Regional Manager, TAP

Grow In Your Career, As You Train The Next Generation of Techs

Becoming a Mentor in our Technician Apprentice Program means the ability to advance in management by sharing your knowledge and building a legacy with new technicians entering the industry.

Our Caliber TAP Mentors also earn on average 10% more weekly take-home pay!

​​​​​​​If you're interested in taking your automotive technician career to the next level we have a place for you!